We utilize multiple forms of communication and tracking through out the center. All of our classrooms have cellphones so parents have direct contact with the teachers and staff. Our School age classroom uses the app remind to send out mass reminders and notifications. The Infants, Toddlers, and Pre-School use the app HiMama to keep our parents up to date and in the know. Upon registering your child you will receive a form to fill out and get registered to the proper app.

All classrooms have F.L.I.G.H.T. Folders that go home regularly. F.L.I.G.H.T stands for Family Learning & Involvement Guide & Happenings Too. These folders are used for sending home artwork, important notices, homework, etc.

Lillio is a downloadable app for parents and staff to communicate daily. We use this app to input the daily activities of your child as they occur. To update: feedings, diapering, toilet, liquids, activities, social/emotional and sleep times. Every detail of the children’s daily routine is available on the app as we update it. You are updated on what meals were served and the exact amount of food and fluids consumed. Lillio helps parents track potty training with the updates and details on every bathroom trip during their time here. Staff update your child’s emotional status so you can see what type of day they’re having. Photos of activities and curriculum are also sent to the families via the app. There is also a message center on the app that allows you to reach out to the staff to ask questions, make comments on photos and activities, or send messages. This app allows you to be involved in and see exactly what your child is doing all day. Lillio allows you to stay involved and engaged even when you can’t be there.

*Parents can choose to get live updates and a summary at the end of the day; or just the summary. *