J.T. Gators

Our Two’s program has a ratio of 1:6 with a maximum of 12 in the classroom

Our Two Year old Program uses InvestiGators club, Healthy Beginnings, and Creative Connections. With the promise of a fun, educational environment. Our days are filled with learning through play and peer interactions. Hands-on experience will inspire your child to use their critical thinking skills. They will also enhance their creativity. Students in the program are provided with a quality, standards-based education that will prepare them to enter our Pre-K 3 program.

Once your child is enrolled, we do an Ages and Stages assessment within their first 30 days. This tool allows us to pinpoint where your child is and then cater our curriculum around them. By assessing your child it allows us to have our teachers to create individualized lesson plans. Lesson plans are created to stimulate children’s development of language, emotional/social, and physical skills and abilities. Your child’s development is tracked and monitored in portfolios that follow them through out their time with us.


InvestiGators Club describes their curriculum for twos as “InvestiGator Tots celebrates the magic of childhood and the joy of teaching during each stage of growth and development from 18 months to three years old. The program is developmentally appropriate for toddlers and two-year-olds and designed to support the delivery of responsive, child-focused, family-centered experiences.”

– Investigator’s Club